Why Have a Blog About My Handcrafted Jewelry Business?

There is only one response to this, and it is that blogging for your handcrafted jewelry business is usually easier and richer in benefits versus other forms of internet advertising.

Why blogging is easier than other forms of internet advertising for your handcrafted jewelry business.

Straight forward to Design

Contrary to websites, in which only a number of but hardly ever all of its pages include static design, blogs continually have one comprehensive design for all its pages. You can also select to design in CSS or HTML, whichever is more comfortable to you, but if you don’t know any designing language, you could always select any of the pre-built template designs available through the blog service provider.

Effortless to Revise or Rework

Nothing like websites, which you basically have to revise or rework through manual means, blogs can be effortlessly updated or changed by clicking on the edit button for an individual post you want to modify. After keying in or deleting the relevant data, you’ll only have to click the save or update button and that is it! Every thing’s back to normal and flow of visitors can carry on once more.

Easy to Classify

Contrary to websites, which commonly requires you to catalog data or pages separately, blogs commonly allow you easy control over themes and categories. With just one click, you can automatically relocate groups of posts from one category to another. You can also provide a description and name for each category.

The benefits of using blogs over other forms of internet advertising for your handcrafted jewelry business.

SEO-Friendly URLsContrary to websites and various forms of advertising, blog host providers routinely offer blog owners easy and SEO friendly options for selecting and creating their blog URLs. Hence, blogs have a fairer chance of rising high in search engine rankings even if they cannot be classified as websites per se.

Internal Linking

Blog owners can also take advantage of deep linking techniques through their posts. By making use of trackbacks and other types of links, bloggers can routinely give their entries several links. As a result, search engine bots will generally have a more advantageous outlook toward these blogs and therefore giving them superior rankings. To exploit this benefit, always take note of the associated blog entries so you can link them together. Think about dividing your posts into groupings or making follow-up entries. Use blog post titles that allow readers to know whether posts are linked to other posts such as Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

Connecting to Your Customers through RSS

Blog owners also have an easier choice of relating and updating their readers merely by RSS. If customers like what they’re seeing and reading, all they have to do is utilize the RSS link provided in the blog and they can automatically receive updates, alerts, and news in their email inbox.

Tips for Diligence

Contrary to other forms of Internet advertising, writing diligently is not rewarded but in fact punished because readers view email campaigns and keyword stuffed web pages infuriating while search engine spiders view them with distrust. It is definitely a different world, nonetheless, when it comes to blogging. Each time a blog owner posts innovative content, this is equivalent to one brownie point for your blog in the eyes of search engine spiders. The more you write the greater chances for your blog to rise in terms of search engine rankings. More importantly, posting is free so you can update as often as you want everyday.

Better Interaction

You can also communicate more and better with clients and readers through blogging. More importantly, the blogging community is much more dynamic than people who frequent forums or participate in email alerts. Bloggers love to write and are therefore more inclined to comment on whatever post you have. Each comment, by the way, is also considered as a brownie point in your favor.

If the above reasons and benefits have convinced you to make a blog for your handcrafted jewelry business, here are some tips you should consider:

Choose your title wisely, whether it is for your blog itself or for any of your posts. Titles are one of the most meaningful things in the eyes of search engine spiders.

Be succinct but concise. Bloggers are rarely in favor of mo

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